Frequency Asked Question
The Loadfill network is open to any company that requires goods transporting and/or has free space on their vehicles. It solves the problem of delivery vehicles running partially full or even empty between delivery/collection points by providing information to enable businesses to efficiently utilise spare capacity by carrying goods for other businesses. This enables vehicle owners to cover part or even all of their running costs by selling their spare space to companies requiring goods delivering, who in turn, could substantially reduce their transport costs.
Anyone who requires goods moving and/or who has free space on their vehicles.
Just register with the Loadfill network by completing the registration form. You will then have access to all updated Loadfill information. If you find a close match to your requirements, simply click on ‘contact’ and a window will appear with all contact details. You can now contact the other party directly.
Loadfill takes no part in costs of delivery. These, together with payment methods, are negotiated directly between the parties.
All businesses that operate vehicles over 3.5 tonnes require an operator's license. They will also need to ensure that their operators license allows them to carry other people's goods for reward.
Yes, you are required to have the correct vehicle insurance to include Hire and Reward. If you don’t have this cover you are not sufficiently covered for either the goods that you are carrying or yourself.  (You must have Goods in Transit Insurance)
No. Loadfill is an information source. All paperwork, loading requirements, payments etc are agreed directly between parties.
You will need to ascertain that the carrier is fully insured to carry your goods. You also may be able to separately insure individual deliveries.
Just register and input the details. It’s all quite simple.
For the sake of simplicity, space is expressed as roughly the number of average size pallets (1.6 cubic meters or 57 cubic feet) that it could be accommodate.
As the database grows we will be operating a feedback/rating system which should prove a good indicator of reliability.
Yes. Just go to 'My Account', click on  'My Alerts' and you can set up to 5 alerts. You will then automatically receive emails whenever matches to your searches are found.
We would welcome your comments / suggestions in order to improve our site and its functionality.

Membership is completely free for the first year, and then only £100 per year after that.

Submitting available space is also free. Searching this space can be done for free, and once a suitable match is found users are charged £3.50 to view the contact details of the company with the available space.